How to Choose the Right Lightbulb

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How to Choose the Right Lightbulb


Selecting the right lightbulb for your fixture can make or break the overall ambiance of a room. Although it seems like an easy task, there are a few fundamental things to consider when choosing the best bulb for your needs.


First, let’s break down what the terms on the light bulb package mean. Lumens indicate the amount of light that a bulb emits. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. Watts are the amount of energy that a bulb uses when turned on. The same rule to lumens applies to wattage – the higher the wattage, the more energy consumed. LED bulbs have much lower wattage numbers, while still producing the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs, making them a more energy efficient option. Kelvins indicate the color appearance of a bulb. The lower the kelvin temperature, the more yellow or warm light is emitted, and the higher the kelvin temperature, the more blue or cool light is emitted. Incandescent bulbs tend to have a lower kelvin temperature, which is why they produce warmer tones. LED bulbs have a higher kelvin temperature, which is why they produce cool, white tones.


The color and tone of light bulbs need to change in different rooms of the home to create the perfect lighting for each. For example, the kitchen usually has multiple light sources with each one at a kelvin temperature of at least 3500k. It is important that all fixtures in the kitchen have bulbs with the same kelvin temperature, so that they all look the same. Usually, you want higher lumens in the kitchen bulbs so that the lighting is bright enough to cook and clean.


Bedroom and living room fixtures tend to be the simplest places to pick a middle ground light bulb. 3000k is the average temperature of bulbs in these rooms. You do not want the lumens to be too high causing the room to be too bright, but you also want to be able to read, watch tv, or just enjoy the space comfortably with enough light.


The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house to choose the correct lighting for. Colder temperature bulbs will provide better light for applying makeup or shaving, especially in those bathrooms that do not have any windows. Additionally, you will want high lumens in the bathroom for brighter light. Many people choose to install LED lightbulbs in the bathroom in order to save energy in a room that requires so much light.


Interested in learning more about the correct light bulbs for your Quoizel fixture? Check the instruction sheet provided in the package or on our website under each product for the recommended bulb type.


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