Quoizel January 2023 Product Launch

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January 2023 Release Launch

Our Quoizel January product release is here and we can’t wait for you to see how stunning these new outdoor and vanity products are! Here are a few of our favorite picks from the launch.


When it comes to designing new outdoor fixtures, we always have the latest trends, functionality, and quality in mind. Our January line contains 25 new designs, all focusing on current design styles.

The Maren is an existing outdoor collection in our line that comes in two sizes – 13” and 18”. With oversized outdoor lanterns becoming a huge trend in the marketplace, we expanded this collection with the introduction of the 24” lantern. With a matte black frame and the mixed metal components inside, this piece is perfect for a more trend-forward industrial style home looking for oversized lanterns to make a big statement.

Barn lights are also a huge trend right now for the exterior of homes, especially over the garage. This release line has several different takes on the lantern shape to fit any style of home. The Rencher is perfect for an industrial home. The Matte Black finish paired with the traditional shape makes it easy to pair with transitional homes as well. Inspired by the screw of a lightbulb, the detailing on the top of the fixture makes it unique and thoughtful.

The Felix is also a great barn light option. With the clear seedy glass shade, this fixture caters to a more trend forward, contemporary home design. The integrated LED light makes a big statement when it shines through the glass. This fixture is perfect for those looking to spice up the exterior of their home with something a little different than your typical lantern.

The Hyde is the picturesque lantern for an industrial style home with the metal shades and grommet detailing. Offered in Matte Black and Burnished Bronze finishes and having on a more cone-shaped take on the traditional barn light, this is definitely a great conversation piece for any industrial home looking to move into a modern space.

The Jameson is another great take on the barn light in a best-selling finish for outdoor lanterns. The copper finish on the dome-shaped shade paired with grommet detailing on the bottom adds an ode to industrial styles while also fitting a more traditional design and feel.

Quoizel always wants to create traditional and transitional outdoor fixtures for those homes that preserve the beauty of this design style. The Balchier is an upscale design take on our best-selling Westover collection. The hammered glass creates an exciting new texture as well as the cut corners of the design. The Culpo is a circular take on this best-selling design as well, with Clear Water Glass inspired by the rippling of ocean waves.

Two-tone finishes have long been popular in interior lighting in the home, and is now an emerging trend for the exterior of homes. The Buckley is a perfect piece to incorporate this trend into your home’s exterior. The brass detailing on the Matte Black finish takes a traditional design into a modern space. The Anchorage is also a great two-tone finish piece. Inspired by jewelry, the solid brass gold metal chain adds a feminine, elegant feel to this otherwise simplistic rectangular design. The two-tone finish on both of these pieces makes them perfect for beside a front door painted black with gold or brass hardware.

The final trend that is emerging heavily in outdoor right now is concrete. The Ezra collection is a classic rectangular design with a modern industrial take with the addition of a concrete backplate, making it the perfect transitional piece. The Gladstone is more modern and contemporary with the elongated concrete backplate and spherical glass shade. The Cumberland family is the concrete take on the classic barn light design, perfect for a modern home with a two or three door garage that needs illumination. Finally, the Spieth collection is the picture of modern industrialism with the integrated LED light that shines brightly through either side of the cylindrical design.


When it comes to the bathroom, lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of the space. At Quoizel, we pride ourselves on creating timeless yet trending designs that fit any bathroom.

Our LED vanity line continues to grow with the January 2023 release. The Daniels collection, offered in three sizes and Matte Black and Polished Nickel finishes, is the perfect transitional piece for LED lovers. The looped shaped accents and smaller glass shades give a soft, dainty touch to the otherwise traditional design.

Also apart of the LED line, the Zola collection utilizes acrylic bubbled glass to illuminate the LED lights and create a fun texture for the bath.

The Parcelle vanity family is perfect for those looking for a modern, contemporary fixture with clean lines. These LED fixtures are great for those consumers looking for a stylish, practical lighting fixture while also conscious about energy efficiency.

Traditional and transitional styles will always be timeless in the bathroom. The Kolt Bath Collection has been in the Quoizel line for a long time for a reason – the design perfectly combines traditional and modern styles to make it the perfect, timeless transitional piece making it a customer favorite for many years. With the release of a larger medium based socket this January, this size is perfect for those looking for a little bit bigger of a fixture to center the bath around.

The Lucy collection is great for those wanting to venture outside of the clean traditional lines in the bath, but not too far just yet. The clear optic glass creates a wavelike optical illusion that catches the eye. The Dixie family, offered in three sizes and three finishes, is the picture of traditional lighting for those who like a circular shape and clear glass. The Wilburn collection is similar to the Dixie family in the timeless design feel. Offered in a wall sconce and three sizes as well as four different finishes, this is perfect for those traditional lovers that enjoy a rectangular back plate and opal etched glass shades.

While traditional styles are some of our favorite designs, we also love lighting fixtures that are so unique you could design an entire bathroom around them. The January line is no exception to that! The Eloise vanity collection has a feminine, elegant feel to it. The spherical shades made from opal etched swirled glass combined with the aged brass finish make this piece perfect for cultivating a spa-like vibe in the bath.

Utilizing etched ribbed glass shades and a brushed nickel finish, the Rembrandt is perfect for the trend forward designer. This unique design makes for the perfect piece to inspire a bath design around and spice up an otherwise plain room.

The Jenson family, while at first glance looks like quite a traditional design style, makes a bold statement with Smoked Glass shades. The glass gives the piece an alluring glow, fit for a powder room or half-bath that does not require full illumination.

Ready to see these new collections and more? Check out our January 2023 Catalog Supplement to see the full line here -  

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