Lockport Mirror

Finish: Matte Black
MSRP: $419.99
Rooms SKU - QR5366
This sleek mirror is a perfect match for minimalist or modern spaces. With a classic rectangular shape and matte black framing, it amplifies light without any distracting extras. Orient it horizontally or vertically, depending on your desired aesthetic.

Available Options

  • Dimensions
    The measurement (in inches) of the fixture's length, height and depth. W x H x D
    24.00" W x 36.00" H x 1.00" D
  • * Product specification may vary based on the chosen finish and size.
  • Material
    The primary material used to construct the fixture.
  • Install Position
    Install Position
    The position of the fixture's light when installed on a vertical surface. "Up/Down" indicates that the fixture (vanity light or wall sconce) can be mounted so that the light points upward or downward. "Horizontal/Vertical" indicates that the fixture (bath bar) can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with the light pointing outward.
  • Style
    The general design style of the fixture.
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