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  • 11 Oct 2022  |

Autumn leaves are starting to fall, marking the official start of the Fall season. Turning your home over from the bright, lively tone of summer to the warm, calm tone of Fall is critical in keeping your space comfortable. Here are the latest home trends for Fall, and a few Quoizel light fixtures that perfectly fit them!

Warm Tones

First, the most obvious trend is the use of warm toned colors. Tans, neutrals, and caramels are all amongst the main colors that scream Fall. Earth tones fall into this category as well – and greens are in this Fall. This is the perfect way to add a pop of color in your space if you don’t love the all-neutral look. The Fairview Pendant is a great fixture to add to your space to warm up the ambiance. The Western Bronze finish gives a nice chocolate brown look, while the Weathered Brass finish on the inside makes for a warm, cozy glow.

Natural Elements

Naturals are still a huge home trend moving into the Fall season. Elements from nature work well with the earthy, warm tones of Fall. Incorporating wood finishes is a great way to implement this trend into your home. While all wood finishes fit this trend, Natural wood finishes are seen more this Fall as opposed to stained, dark wood. The Soma Pendant has a whitewashed walnut finish, giving it an organic look and feel. The LED lights bring the fixture into a more modern space, making it the perfect pendant for an updated modern home.

Vintage Accents

Adding vintage touches to your home is another huge home trend right now. Mid-century modern style homes have been prevalent this year. Small vintage pieces can add a retro vibe to your otherwise modern home. Quoizel offers a full line of Tiffany lamps – pieces that perfectly fit this retro vibe. Whether you want to add a small pop of color or keep within the neutral tones of Fall, we have a piece for you. The Asheville Table Lamp incorporates the intricate stained Tiffany glass with warm, neutral tones. This lamp is a perfect piece to put an office or living room area on trend this Fall.

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