Quoizel Northridge Agate Stone Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Product Recall

Q &A

Why is Quoizel conducting this recall?
We had one incident of the glass shade falling and want to keep our customers safe and prevent potential injuries so we are replacing the glass shade on this outdoor hanging lantern.


How can I tell if my product is affected by this recall?
The style number is AGNT1912K.  The recall is only for the tiffany and agate stone glass shade for the hanging lantern. If necessary, the style number is located on the inside of the canopy (metal cap that covers the electrical junction box)


The outdoor lantern looks fine to me.  Do I have to replace it?
Yes.  Even though the product looks fine, we are asking all customers to replace the existing glass shade with the new replacement.


I no longer have the receipt for the product.  Can I still receive the replacement glass shade?
Yes. We will still send you the replacement glass shade.


How do I proceed with the recall?

Click Here to Request your Replacement or E-mail us at QuoizelProductRecall@quoizel.com or call us at (877) 316-2589 between 9a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.  We will process your information so that we can ship out the replacement glass shade.  The replacement shade will be available for shipment starting February 15, 2011.


Do I need to re-wire the outdoor lantern?
No.  There is no problem with the electrical or the aluminum housing of the lantern.  The problem is resolved by changing out the glass shade.  This does not require you to re-wire the fixture.  You will only need to replace the existing glass shade with the new replacement.


Will I be able to install the new glass shade myself?
Yes.  No tools are needed.  The repair only requires you to take out the light bulb, unscrew with your hand the metal clip that is holding the current glass shade, and then screw with your hand the replacement shade until it fits snug against the aluminum housing.  Finally, screw the light bulb back in.


How long will it take for me to get the replacement glass shade?
We will have the replacement shades to ship out starting on February 15, 2011.


Is there any other information that I need to know?
Yes.  We will be sending you a gift to make up for this inconvenience.  Please accept our handmade Tiffany animal accent light as a thank you for your patience.